Tommy Hilfiger Spring Collection 2020

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Tommy Hilfiger, a three-way collaboration with Lewis Hamilton and H.E.R now returned to London Fashion Week with a more shaded show at Tate Modern that put the focus on imperishable.

This season celebrates loyalty: to who you’re, what you think in, and where you would like to travel. Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton’s fourth collaborative effort is that the embodiment of this shared value – a word tattooed on the worldwide brand ambassador’s arm, and a guiding virtue throughout the Spring 2020 collections and runway experience.

This season, TOMMYNOW is stripped back to what matters most, taking audiences on a sensory journey that celebrates Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainability vision to make fashion that wastes nothing and welcomes all. during homecoming for British racing driver,

Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton present their most sustainable TommyXLewis collection so far, with over 75% of designs sourced more sustainably, including using 100% organic cotton, recycled materials, down alternatives and low-impact denim washes.

The Spring 2020 TommyXLewis collection continues to fuse TOMMY HILFIGERs strong menswear heritage with Lewis Hamilton’s streetwear style, as military blues and greens blend with neutral tones and neon pops. The infusion from Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, H.E.R., features her authentic graphical iconography and lyrical quotes across 12 statement pieces.

From utility to prep, Spring 2020 TommyXLewis may be a fresh and complicated celebration of iconic pieces that embody the fashionable American wardrobe. Remaining loyal to its heritage while constantly reinventing itself, HILFIGER COLLECTION draws from the brand’s rich archive.

While adding an up to date twist to iconic silhouettes and disrupting the flag heritage in accessories and elevated apparel. In honour of the brand’s 35th anniversary and heritage, the signature HILFIGER Crest shines through as an all-over graphic, tonal graphic placements, bullion and rich embroidery.

Loyalty to championing long-held values further extends to inclusivity and variety, with TOMMYNOW Spring 2020 embracing the philosophy of “Style for All” – a belief that great style erases all boundaries in gender, age, ethnicity and somatotype.

Tommy Lewis and Tommy Lewis XH.E.R. offer extended sizing for all body types, while HILFIGER COLLECTION created menswear and womenswear pieces in parallel to encourage sharing wardrobe staples across genders.

Spring 2020 is about thinking beyond the season and towards the longer term – that specialize in our journey of wasting nothing and welcoming all.


Over 1,000 guests, including press, buyers, VIPs, industry influencers and consumers were invited to experience the show at Tate Modern within the Tanks – stripped back, industrial, subterranean spaces, each measuring over thirty meters across and 7 meters high.

Each tank has maintained its rough, utilitarian feel, creating a up to date and galvanizing dichotomy with the brand’s evocative and immersive runway experience.

Channelling an abstract landscape, the simplicity of the TOMMYNOW set and reinterpretation of nature supported Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainability vision. Guests were taken on a curated sensory journey within the minimalist architecture.

Drawing inspiration from weather cycles like hell, warm light flashed and flickered to darkness to change the natural atmosphere and illuminate neon style details. The Tanks were crammed with a nature-derived fragrance of dry wood, inspired by the blazing scent of cracked earth and formulated specifically for the show.

A London-based vocal performance collective took the position in each Tank for the show – their rich voices reverberating off the concrete walls as they sang a mix of up to date and soul.

As a part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, Tommy Hilfiger partnered with South Pole – a number one project developer and global sustainability solutions provider – to offset an estimated 1,600 plenty of carbon emissions resulting from the assembly of the TOMMYNOW runway show.

Through this collaboration, Tommy Hilfiger is providing ceramic water purifiers to communities in Cambodia. These filters improve public health within the country by providing safe beverage and reducing indoor pollution from wood-burning; while decreasing household fuel costs and reducing pressure on Cambodia’s vulnerable forest.

As a part of Tommy Hilfiger’s commitment to making exciting experiences that connect and have interaction with subsequent generation of consumers, the primary TOMMY HILFIGER Instagram Story ‘Flag’ filter launched on February 14th to empower users to bring their unique twist to the TOMMYNOW show experience.