Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Caught in Tense Moment with Cannes Film Festival Attendee

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson found themselves in a heated exchange with an individual at the Cannes Film Festival. The incident took place during the premiere of Hanks’ latest movie, ‘Asteroid City,’ according to

On Tuesday, May 23, the couple walked the red carpet together to show their support for Wes Anderson’s film. Photos that have circulated online depict the Oscar-winning actor pointing his finger angrily at a younger man, while Wilson holds her hand up as she addresses him.

The details of the conversation remain unknown, but the man can be seen gesturing toward Hanks while the actor poses with his ‘Asteroid City co-stars on the red carpet.

Despite the apparent disagreement, Hanks and Wilson continued down the red carpet, smiling as they posed together on the stairs before entering the venue. They were also spotted sharing a dance together after reuniting on the red carpet following individual photo sessions, Page Six told.

Hanks looked dashing in a black tuxedo paired with a matching bow tie and a crisp white shirt. His polished look was completed with shiny black shoes.

Meanwhile, Wilson exuded glamour in an elegant black dress adorned with shimmering silver gems, complemented by a long black cloak that gracefully trailed behind her. Her hair was styled in an exquisite updo.

‘Asteroid City’ is a sci-fi romantic comedy-drama set in a fictional American desert town with a mysterious atmosphere, taking place in the 1950s. The film explores the transformative events that unfold during an annual Junior Stargazer convention in 1955.

Written by Wes Anderson based on a story developed with Roman Coppola, ‘Asteroid City’ is set to release in select U.S. theaters on June 16, followed by a wider release on June 23.