Piers Morgan battles trans activist over transgender athletes in women’s sports: ‘You are totally oblivious’

During his show on Monday, Fox Nation host and political commentator Piers Morgan engaged in a spirited debate with activist Riz Possnett regarding the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports and gender ideology.

 The conversation quickly became confrontational, with both individuals interrupting each other and expressing their strong viewpoints. Morgan revealed that he had reached out to the president of Oxford University’s LGBT society to discuss the matter, but was informed that due to his affiliation as a “right-wing” news anchor, having a productive conversation might be challenging. Possnett defended the president and accused Morgan’s show of being part of a broader “program of hate.”

As the debate escalated, Morgan expressed his frustration with others who refuse to engage in dialogue, believing they only want to hear viewpoints they agree with. Possnett emphasized that she does not consider trans lives as a topic up for debate, while Morgan clarified that he has always supported trans rights to fairness and equality.

The discussion then centered on the fairness of transgender athletes participating in women’s sports, with Morgan arguing that it is “grotesquely unfair and unequal” to women born with female biological bodies. Possnett countered by highlighting the violence and hatred faced by the transgender community, both in the media and in daily life.

Morgan challenged Possnett on whether it is fair for trans athletes to outperform cisgender women in sports, but Possnett denied that such instances were occurring. The exchange continued with Morgan accusing Possnett of being unaware of the reality presented in the media and Possnett dismissing his claims.

Furthermore, Morgan took offense to being labeled as “right-wing” during the discussion and clarified his stance, asserting that he has never identified as right-wing. He pointed out that both he and Possnett objected to the characterization, finding a point of agreement.

Morgan has previously interviewed swimmer Riley Gaines, who opposes the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports. Gaines has specifically criticized the involvement of figures like Lia Thomas, with whom Gaines tied in a championship race in 2022.