Mercedes-Benz introduces the brand new CLA-Class

Mercedes-Benz introduces the brand new CLA-Class
Mercedes-Benz introduces the brand new CLA-Class

The Style Rebel Mercedes-Benz is expanding its lineup with the all-new 2014 CLA-Class. The new four-door coupe is a style rebel that takes its design cues from the CLS, whose design concept has inspired more than its fair share of imitators since its deb

MONTVALE, NJ Mercedes-Benz is expanding its lineup with the all-new   2014 CLA-Class. The new four-door coupe is a style rebel that takes its   design cues from the CLS, whose design concept has inspired more than   its fair share of imitators since its debut in Detroit in 2003. This brand   new vehicle features world-leading aerodynamics, avant-garde coupe   design and is available with 4MATIC all-wheel drive (Spring 2014). With   its frameless doors, the four-door coupe seamlessly carries the design of   the Concept Style Coupe into series production. The new model features COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST as a standard feature. At speeds above 4 mph, this radar-based braking system is able to warn the driver of   obstacles and to anticipate braking force when the driver steps on the brake pedal. The all-new 2014 CLA250 arrives in U.S. dealerships Fall   2013.

"The response to the Concept Style Coupe was overwhelming. The most   frequent comment by far was ‘Please put this car into series production.’ That’s precisely what we are doing now," notes Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman   of the Board of Management for Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.   "The CLA is a car that does not confuse ‘mid-size’ with ‘mid-quality’. Its sporty   design underscores the sporty side of the Mercedes-Benz brand."

The sporty CLA comes with a powerful turbocharged engine generating 208 hp   and 258 lb-ft of torque, as well as sport suspension and available 4MATIC allwheel   drive. The technical highlights of this new design icon include a new   world record in aerodynamics for series production automobiles (Cd value: 0.23) and a wide range of driver assistance systems, including advanced    COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST.

This radar-based assistance system provides the driver with visual and   acoustic warnings of identified obstacles and primes Brake Assist for adaptive   braking. Brake Assist is initiated as soon as the driver steps hard on the brake   pedal. When the system identifies a risk of collision, COLLISION PREVENTION   ASSIST calculates the precise braking force ideally needed to avoid an accident   and makes the best possible use of any distance remaining. Adaptive Braking   Assist activates at speeds of just 4 mph and gives trailing vehicles as much   time as possible to also react accordingly and avoid another accident.

There are four special equipment packages and a series of standalone options   for individualizing the striking compact four-door coupe (length/width/height: 182.3/80.0/56.6 inches). In keeping with the digital lifestyle of the CLA’s social   media-savvy target group, smartphones can also be fully integrated into the   vehicle’s display and operating system via mbrace2, which is standard   equipment.

Following a brief appearance on the eve of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the CLA will celebrate its official world premiere at the   Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin (January 15 to 18, 2013). The new CLA   will arrive at U.S. dealerships in September 2013.

The style rebel – exterior design

Its sporty proportions and powerfully dynamic design language featuring the   interaction of concave and convex surfaces give this four-door coupe its   distinctive look. The CLA carries the avant-garde design of the Concept Style   Coupe into series production almost 1:1.

Striking features include the hood with its power domes and the diamond-look   grille. The arrangement of the headlights and LEDs behind the headlamp lens   evokes the characteristic "flame effect" for the optional daytime running lights   and indicators. This light signature is a key aspect of the car’s energetic look   and shapes a new, youthful Mercedes face.

A number of details indicate that the design of the CLA represents a further    development of the modern classic Mercedes-Benz CLS. Three prominent lines   give structure to the vehicle when viewed from the side – the front structural   edge above the fenders flows toward the rear in a characteristic dropping line.   Another, more sinewy line spans the shoulder muscle above the rear axle,   while the third feature line extends in a sweeping curve from the front wheel   toward the rear. Together, these lines lend depth and dynamism to the side profile.

The design of the rear end emphasizes the width of the CLA, expressing power   and athleticism with the interaction of convex and concave surfaces and edges.   The gently sloping roof contour and pronounced curve of the rear window   retain the CLA’s coupe-style character. The athletic look of the rear end comes   from the drawn-in C-pillars paired with the shoulder muscle above the rear   wheel arches. The tail lights are framed by the muscular shoulder lines   extending into the back while the horizontal light layout emphasizes the car’s   powerful and visually striking breadth.

A large panorama sunroof is available as a standalone option. It consists of a   fixed polycarbonate cover at the front, a glass moving panel and side trim   elements to match the glass look. The visual effect is of a glass surface that   extends all the way from the front to the rear windshield.

Premium look-and-feel – the interior

The exterior’s progressive, sporty appearance also carries through to the   vehicle interior. Anthracite surface finish is available as the standard trim.   Additional trim options include burl walnut wood, black ash wood and   aluminum.

The instrument panel incorporates five air vents. The outer rings of the vents   are done in a high-quality galvanized finish, while a galvanized insert controls   the direction of airflow. The free-standing display is set in black piano-lacquer   trim and edged with a flush-fitting silver frame.

(Wind) resistance is futile – a new record Cd figure

With a Cd figure of 0.23, the CLA sets a new benchmark among not only   Mercedes models, but also all series-production vehicles. The frontal surface   area, Cd x A – which is crucial to aerodynamic resistance – also leads the field   at 5.49 sq. ft.

The good air flow characteristics, which have a major impact on fuel   consumption under everyday driving conditions, are the result of extensive   aerodynamic optimization. These include a low A-pillar shoulder with adapted   A-pillar geometry, aerodynamically optimized exterior mirrors, low-drag wheel   trims and serrated wheel spoilers on the front and rear wheel arches.

Extensive underbody cladding, additional cladding at the center of the rear   axle, an aerodynamically optimized muffler and a diffuser improve the flow of   air beneath the underbody.

Smart safety – advanced assistance systems

An extensive array of standard and optional driver assistance systems in the   CLA is available to the driver. Standard features include ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection and radar-based COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST with   adaptive Brake Assist, which offers collision protection in the CLA from speeds   of just 4 mph.

The optional Driver Assistance package also offers DISTRONIC, as well as   familiar safety systems including Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist.   PARKTRONIC with Advance Parking Assist enables autonomous parking in   parallel and perpendicular parking spaces and is available as a standalone   option.

Precision handling – the chassis and suspension

The CLA’s running gear features McPherson strut suspension at the front and   independent multilink suspension at the rear. Three control arms and one   trailing arm at each of the rear wheels enable longitudinal and transverse forces to be handled separately. Specific to the CLA is the flexible decoupling of    the rear axle sub-frame for improved ride characteristics. The wheel mounts   and spring guides are made from aluminum in order to reduce unsprung   masses. Standard equipment includes the Mercedes-Benz Sport Suspension for   sporty yet comfortable handling.

The CLA also comes as standard with electromechanical power steering.   Compared with conventional systems, this power steering system offers   improved driver feedback and makes an important contribution to overall   efficiency, as the power steering function draws energy only under active   steering. It also facilitates various steering assistance functions activated by   the ESP® control unit. These include counter-steering in the event   of oversteer, corrective steering when braking on road surfaces with differing   levels of grip (split-friction braking), minimization of torque steer and   compensation for crosswinds and road gradients.

Both the front wheel drive and 4MATIC variants of the CLA250 are delivered   on 17-inch, 5-spoke, two-tone wheels clad in all-season, run-flat tires. The Sport   Package offers 18-inch AMG twin 5-spoke wheels and adds Sport body styling   plus perforated front discs.

High levels of traction and outstanding agility – 4MATIC all-wheel drive

The Mercedes-Benz CLA250 is also available with a new generation of the   4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system featuring fully variable torque   distribution. Like the other 4MATIC variants, this completely new development   boasts high levels of traction and outstanding agility combined with excellent   safety and energy efficiency.

The components of the new 4MATIC include the power take-off to the rear axle,   which is integrated into the 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, and   the rear-axle gear set with an integrated electro-hydraulic, multi-disc clutch.   This set-up enables fully variable distribution of drive between the front and   rear axles. Additional benefits of this design are a lower system weight than   that of competitor systems, as well as a high degree of efficiency.

All set for the future – a powerful and efficient drive

The CLA250 and CLA250 4MATIC both feature Mercedes-Benz’s 2.0-liter fourcylinder   gasoline engine with 208 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It comes with the   ECO stop/start function as standard for added gas mileage and is mated to the   7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission for an outstanding combination of sporty performance and comfort.

"Always on" – multimedia systems

The latest generation of multimedia systems in the CLA provides a wide array of functions, apps and graphics.

Like all models in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the CLA comes with the brand’s   acclaimed connectivity service mbrace2, providing users with an extensive   range of online and concierge services and apps all linking seamlessly to   smartphones for use inside and outside the car. By using cloud technology,   mbrace2 is always up to date and offers users wide-ranging and flexible access to content.

The CLA250 and CLA250 4MATIC both include the 5.8-inch display and   Bluetooth as standard equipment. The central controller provides an all-access   pass to an abundance of advanced technology. This can be upgraded to the 7-   inch display with the Multimedia package featuring the COMAND system with   hard-drive navigation, voice control, an SD card slot, an in-dash 6-disc CD/DVD   changer, a 10GB music register, a rearview camera and SiriusXM Traffic & Weather.

Premium comfort – additional equipment options

As well as the Multimedia package and Driver Assistance package, the CLA250   and CLA250 4MATIC are also available with the Premium package for an even   higher level of comfort and convenience. Its features include an iPod/MP3   media interface, SiriusXM satellite radio, the harman/kardon LOGIC 7   surround sound system, heated front seats, auto dimming mirrors, integrated   garage door opener, dual-zone climate control and a compass.

Mercedes management on the CLA

"The style rebel"

"We have transferred the expressive design of the Concept Style Coupe   seamlessly into series production. With its unique design language, I am   convinced that the CLA will make a powerful mark on the image of the   Mercedes-Benz brand."   Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars

"Still it moves – yet, by setting new benchmarks in things like aerodynamics,   efficiency and driver assistance systems, the CLA remains true to Mercedes-   Benz’s core values."   Prof Dr Thomas Weber, Member of the Daimler Board of Management, responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development

"We aim to reach new target groups with the CLA – including those who never   wanted to drive a Mercedes."   Dr Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sales and Marketing

"The dynamic design language is expressed in breathtaking proportions,   muscular, flowing contours and sculptural surfaces. The CLA is a style rebel." Gorden Wagener, Head of Design, Mercedes-Benz Cars