Why Meghan Markle thinks ‘soothing’ Prince Harry will be nominated for Grammy

Meghan Markle is believed to think her husband Harry is a “shoo-in” for a Grammy nomination following the publication of his audiobook Spare.

The Duchess of Sussex is apparently hoping that the Prince will receive a Grammy nomination for Best Spoken Word for the audiobook recording of his controversial memoir Spare at the 2024 event. An entertainment industry insider has told MailOnline, “He’s a natural storyteller, has a soothing voice, and even sings on the audio version.”

When discussing the 10th anniversary of his mother, Princess Diana’s death, fans who ordered the audiobook version are serenaded to a version of one of the lines of Elton John’s hit Your Song, according to Good to Know reports.

The insider claims, “It was Harry’s decision to sing Elton John’s song in the audiobook. Who knew he could sing? Meghan thinks he’s up there with President Obama, who won the same award a few years back,”

One fan shared the song clip on Twitter and captioned it, “Prince Harry is the first Royal to create a book to launch his singing career.”

Fans are divided on whether he will be nominated for his singing or for his ‘soothing’ storytelling voice. One fan wrote, “He’s off-key! He started out too low, and can’t make the lowest notes, so changes the key. Something you never hear from Obama. If he wins an award, it may be for narration, but it won’t be for singing!”

Another fan put, “Brilliant.” And a third fan added, “Oh Dear God…SPARE US.” The source added, “Hollywood loves him. He’s got the gift of the gab and a fun sense of humor. He’s the one with the star power.”

An official statement was published on Harry and Meghan’s Archewell website which reads, “A huge congratulations to Prince Harry on the release of his memoir, Spare. As your team, we are proud to stand beside you, and celebrate you as the world finally hears your story in your words.

“Thank you for your courage, honesty, humor, and light. You’ve inspired us all.” It was signed off, “With admiration, Your staff and team at Archewell and The Private Office of The Duke & Duchess of Sussex.”