Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told ‘Kate and William have put up with s**t’ by furious friend

Prince William Prince Harry And Meghan Markle
Prince William Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle faced criticism from a close friend of Prince William following their statement about a car incident in New York.

The Duke of Sussex had described the event as a “near catastrophic” car chase, but their taxi driver contradicted their account, labeling it as “exaggerated.” The New York Police Department confirmed that no collisions, injuries, summonses, or arrests were reported during the incident.

The friend of Prince Charles acknowledged Harry’s frustration with the paparazzi but criticized the Duke’s portrayal of the events as “hysterical.” When asked about Prince William’s stance on invasive paparazzi, the friend mentioned that both William and Catherine had faced similar situations in the past.

While understanding Harry’s anger towards photographers, the friend emphasized that making exaggerated statements only worsens the situation and that perspectives on events can vary.

Another acquaintance of King Charles shared insight into the monarch’s perspective on Harry’s statement. The friend mentioned that Charles would empathize with Harry’s distress over being pursued by the paparazzi, acknowledging its frightening nature.

However, Charles has consistently encouraged Harry to understand that complaining about the media or photographers is futile and only exacerbates the situation. In response to the incident, a spokesperson for Prince Harry stated that the couple and Meghan’s mother were subjected to relentless pursuit by paparazzi, resulting in a dangerous car chase.

They emphasized that while public figures may attract public interest, they should never jeopardize anyone’s safety. The spokesperson criticized the dissemination of images obtained through intrusive means, which only encourages dangerous practices.