Arnold’s Startling Admission: His Revelations About a Secret Affair and the Unending Saga of Complicated Love

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Wife
Arnold Schwarzenegger with Wife

“Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic actor-turned-politician, lays bare the startling truth about his concealed affair with his housekeeper and the resultant chaos, dubbing the ordeal as entirely ‘f****d up’ in a jaw-dropping tell-all.

In a candid conversation with People magazine, the ‘Terminator’ star didn’t mince words, acknowledging, “It’s just my f*** up, right?” while reflecting on his illicit affair with housekeeper Mildred Baena, a relationship that ultimately crumbled his marriage to Maria Shriver in 2011.

While exploring plans for their new roles as grandparents, Schwarzenegger spilled, “We never left the (first) chapter…We didn’t have a feud. We didn’t have a fight.” He emphasized an enduring relationship with Maria, despite its evolution, noting that there’s “no reason” to harbor feelings other than love for her.

Arnold committed to ensuring that their kids would not bear the brunt of his mistakes, maintaining open communication about familial events and holidays. The illicit affair between Schwarzenegger and Baena led to the birth of a child, Joseph, astonishingly just five days following the birth of Arnold’s son Christopher with Maria.

Despite Arnold treating Joseph equitably alongside his other children, Page Six noted in May that Maria’s children purportedly “don’t love” their half-brother. “Arnold has always treated Joseph like all his other kids – very fairly. But for whatever reason, the other kids take (the affair) out on Joe,” reports elucidated.

A chilling revelation in Netflix’s ‘Arnold’ documentary divulged that Maria discovered her husband’s affair during a 2011 marriage counseling session, precipitating the demise of their 25-year marriage announced in May 2011.

Despite the swirling controversy and familial complexities, Arnold maintains a staunch stance on maintaining strong bonds with his children and continuing an eternal, albeit different, chapter with Maria.”